DarkLoader enables you to quickly and easily play thief fan mission archives.

DarkLoader is tested with the 1.33 patched version of Thief, the 1.37 version of Thief Gold and the 1.18 patched version of Thief 2. Thief 3 fan missions are not supported by DarkLoader. System Shock 2 missions are supported, but not "mods".

DarkLoader is an enhancement of the ThiefLoader (v1.5) created by Andrew Bednarz and provides compatibility to existing ThiefLoader installations. Until version 4.2, DarkLoader was written by Björn Henke. It has since been maintained by Tom N Harris.

While it has been tested extensivily and works 100% on my machine, I take no responsibilty for any damage it may cause.


The most recent and recommended version of DarkLoader is 4.3.1b. The package does not have a self-installer.

The previous "final" release of DarkLoader was 4.3. The full installer includes extra third-party software required for playing fan-missions. Like Thief, you should not install DarkLoader under the "Program Files" directory.

As a convenience to players, I have collected the most up-to-date versions of the standard scripts. These scripts are copyrighted software. You download this software at your own risk. I take no responsibility for the legal or technical consequences.


To use DarkLoader you need:

  1. A computer.
  2. Microsoft Windows or a compatible emulator.
    (Note: Future versions of DarkLoader will require at least Windows 2000. Please consider upgrading if you are using a 20-year old computer.)
  3. A legal copy of Thief, Thief Gold, Thief 2, or System Shock 2.
  4. An internet connection. (Optional)
  5. A compatible fan-mission for your game. (Also optional, buy why?)

Contact information

There are a number of internet forums devoted to Thief fan missions. You are more likely to get helpful information from one of these than by emailing me. Most sites make a distinction between playing missions and creating them. Please be sure to address any comments or questions to the appropriate forum.